Assertiveness and Prediction of Marked Structures in the Translations of Undergraduate English Students

Habibollah Mashhady; Moslem Fatollahi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 10-1

  Markedness in linguistics is the state of being distinct, peculiar or complicated in comparison to a more usual or common form. Markedness has been widely studied in the literature. However, almost no study has ever explored the relationship between translators’ assertiveness and their preference ...  Read More

Investigating the Impact of the Degree of Contextualization on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Reading and Listening Tests Performance

Farzad Jarideh; Ali Asghar Kargar

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 33-11

    The present study was an attempt to examine the effect of the degree of contextualization on reading and listening comprehension tests. In other words, it was intended to check the performance of the learners providing with high contextualized input compared to those who received low contextualized ...  Read More

Nominal Metaphor Aptness: Semantic Features and Degree of Matching between Topic and Vehicle

Sedigheh Vahdat; Omid Khatin Zadeh; Babak Yazdani Fazlabadi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 58-35

  Degree of aptness of the nominal metaphor X is a Y or the extent to which the metaphorical statement expresses its specific non-literal meaning and the nature of relationship between aptness and semantic features of topic (X) and vehicle (Y) is the subject that is addressed in this study. Conducting ...  Read More

On the Relationship between EFL Learners' Socio-Economic Status and their Attitudes toward Oral Corrective Feedback: A Mixed-Method Study

Puyan Taheri; Mobin Khanlarzadeh

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 75-59

  Although many studies have focused on the language learners’ beliefs and attitudes regarding error correction, less has been done to investigate whether and how student characteristics influence their preferences. The present investigation explores how socio-economic status affects the error correction ...  Read More

Perceptions and Attitudes towards Integrating Internet in EFL Instruction in Iran

Rana Najjari; Gholam-Reza Abbasian

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 90-77

  This study investigated Iranian EFL teachers’ and learners’ perceptions and attitudes towards integrating Internet in EFL instruction; and the congruence of their attitudes and perceptions. As a mixed-method research, the data was collected both through questionnaires and interviews. Chi-square ...  Read More

A Case Study of Iranian Students Learning English Interrogative Structures

Froogh Shooshtaryzadeh

Volume 2, Issue 4 , November 2015, Pages 116-91

  Researchers have examined the process of learning a second language in adults and children who learn English as a second language. The results of the tudies indicate that second language learners generally pass through similar transitional stages which demonstrate systematic and nonsystematic variations, ...  Read More