Exploring the Role of Visual Representation Signals for Interactional Action in Conversation

Arash Gholamy Saleh Abady; Sayyed Mohammad Alavi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 1-21

  The main approach to conversation analysis is multimodal analysis, which can be explained by the distinction between the non-verbal and verbal expression in the communicative functions (Haddington & Kääntä, 2011; Streeck et al., 2011). The purpose of this study was to investigate whether ...  Read More

The effect of Computer-Mediated Collaborative Learning on Iranian Advanced Female EFL Learners' Critical Thinking and Writing Performance

zahra faghiri; mehdi bazyar

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 23-40

  In this study, the researcher attempted to investigate the effect of computer-mediated collaborative learning on Iranian advanced female English Learners' critical thinking and writing performance. In order to do this, initially 90 participants were chosen. To assure the homogeneity regarding language ...  Read More

The Effect of Three Types of Task Engagement Activities on Incidental Acquisition of Second Language Vocabulary

Davoud Amini

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 41-61

  Cognition, motivation and affect are the three dimensions of mental functioning, each having a share in determining learning processes including second language acquisition. Despite the extensive effort to explore cognitive processes involved in task performance within task-based language teaching research, ...  Read More

The Effects of Using K.W.L Chart on Iranian High School Learners’ Reading Comprehension

Fariba Taheri; zohre mohamadi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 63-75

  This study aims to determine the effectiveness of K.W.L (what I know, what I want to know, and what I have learned) chart on the performance of Iranian high school students in reading comprehension. To achieve this aim, a sample was selected from a private high school. The participants were 80 intermediate ...  Read More

Reading Comprehension Passages of Iranian General English Books and MA Reading Comprehension Tests: A Corpus Analysis

Seyyed Bagher Mirshojaee; Rahman Sahragard

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 77-98

  This is a corpus study aimed to compare six Iranian general English university textbook’s reading comprehension passages and the passages of reading comprehension section of MA exams from 2010 to 2014. The study used three reading related factors to make the comparison: vocabulary coverage, syntactic ...  Read More

The Role of Metacognitive Instruction through Pedagogical Cycle on Metacognitive Awareness of EFL Learners: Gender Difference Focus

hossein bozorgian; Bita Padiav

Volume 2, Issue 2 , March 2015, Pages 99-117

  Listening comprehension has always been a challenge for English as Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) learners, in general. Therefore, the purpose of this study is particularly to investigate the role of metacognitive instruction through pedagogical cycle on the metacognitive awareness of EFL learners ...  Read More