Reviewers who accept to review articles for the Journal of Modern Research in English Language Studies will find this guide helpful since it states the Journal's basic guidelines for standard article reviewing.

The authors' guide thoroughly explains the Journal's aim, scope, and standards. All submitted articles will be reviewed unless the article falls outside the Journal's scope or the author is proven to be guilty of plagiarism.

Two or three reviewers who are experts in that field will assess all articles submitted and make comments based on acceptance, revision, or rejection. Reviewers must inform the editor of an author's misconduct, such as plagiarism or unethical behavior.

The stages of reviewing are:

  1. Log in with your username and password to access your page.
  2. Select the word referee to go to the referee page.
  3. Please click on the manuscript code to access the original file.
  4. It is possible to send comments to the editor-in-chief and the author in the reviewing section. Do not mention your name in the comments section to the author.
  5. Your next step is to complete general questions and scores for the article.
  6. Finally, select the appropriate option and send the review result.

Review Time: 5 months